BEPA A/S is an engineering consultancy.


We offer our customers engineering services. The right quality - at the right price - at the right time.


We do this by offering services from high-level specialists in Denmark and skilled, low cost engineers from Vietnam. We are very flexible in creating solutions that fit every single customer.


We aim to create a very lean and agile company. A flat organization ensures:


 • Focus on customer demand.

 • Short communication lines and fast management decisions.

 • Great work environment for highly skilled, self-powered specialists who like to work in an

    independent and responsible manner – without a big management.

 • A very cost-efficient structure that provides competitiveness, sound finances and rewarding programs for employees.


Furthermore, we offer our consultants partnerships. If they engage in creating value – they can have a part of it.


We believe that sharing the bottom-line creates long-term relations – and secure the knowledgebase for our customers.




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