BEPA is working for some of the largest companies in Denmark – especially within sustainable energy, wind power and other green industries.

As a BEPA consultant you will participate directly in our customers projects. Your tasks and work packages will be defined in a corporation with the project manager, the customer and you.

You will have your own dedicated tasks and you will be responsible for the technical solutions, the timing and time used in the project.

And BEPA will always ensure, that your tasks always match and challenges your qualifications, wishes, and ambitions.



In both Vietnam and Denmark BEPA only employ highly educated and experienced engineers and with a lot of different backgrounds. You can always find an expert between your colleagues with whom you can discuss problems, technologies, or solutions.

Networking with your colleagues is an important part of your daily work at BEPA.



All employees, partners and free lancers will gain from BEPA’s success. BEPA has different ways to split the profits, but if you are successful working for BEPA you can – no matter how you are employed – be sure, that you will recognize it in your personal earnings.



It is important for BEPA that you always will keep and improve your market value throughout your engagement with BEPA.  Education, training, and participation in developing projects are key issues in the way BEPA see a successful organization.

It is particularly important for us, that our employees will leave BEPA smarter, more experienced, and higher valued than when hired. But of course, and first of all, we want you to stay and work for BEPA increasing your skills and experiences here – and your personal earnings.



BEPA has different kind of engagements with the consultants from free lance engineers to ownership partners. And you can improve your position throughout your engagement with BEPA.






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