The BEPA Production Partner is your easy access to a qualified low-cost production partner. BEPA has a partner in Vietnam and a multitude of sub suppliers covering all aspects of production.


We can assist in obtaining a competitive quote and secure follow-up throughout the manufacturing and verification process to deliver quality at the right price.


Our Vietnamese partner is committed to QHSE and certified to ISO 9001:2015, EN 1090 (project specific), API 6A and OHSAS 18001. Primary business offerings are (not limited to):


  • Fabrication of test equipment and special tools for DK wind turbine manufacturers
  • Fabrication of steel structures, custom tanks, small and medium size vessels and vessel repair;
  • Production of API high pressure pipework, wellhead valves and valves parts;
  • Rig drilling services for Oil and Gas including materials supplies, logistics managements.



BEPA has on-site management in Vietnam securing easy and dedicated communication throughout the project lifetime.



CVR  41698322