BEPA A/S specializes in high level consultants in Denmark and Vietnam.


We always ensure the best senior consultants to be available for the customer.

Our work areas are:


 • Product Development

 • Production Technology

 • Cost Out

 • QA/QC

 • Direct services

In BEPA we have created a setup to satisfy the new scalability in manpower.


We focus our Danish setup on high level specialists supplemented by skilled, low cost engineers in Vietnam.


BEPA offers following services:

 • Hourly services on order

 • Long Term sale of specific consultants

 • BEPA TEAMS - a combination of DK specialists and VN Engineers

 • BEPA POOL - a unique service providing a low-cost engineering service


By choosing BEPA TEAMS you get a Danish engineer as your direct contact who got a fixed team in Vietnam as support. This is the cost-efficient way to get onsite consultancy and yet keeping the cost down.



The engineering POOL is a new concept that allows small and medium businesses to have a variety of engineers attached to their staff at an affordable price.


BEPA POOL is based on Vietnamese engineers with 3-6 years of experience and will be headed by our Danish manager in Vietnam with high experience in both product development and QA/QC work. The manager works directly with the team and handles all communication with the Danish companies assuring quality of deliveries and easy communication.


The Vietnamese setup is centered around our production facility and will be managed by our Danish manager with a background in Site Management, Program Director and QA/QC work around the world.



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